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Take action, govern the controls...
Take control, govern the controls...
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Take action,
govern the controls...
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Why Neta?

We have solid field and operations execution experience on top of theory...
Now we share our knowledge for bısinesses those are in need of practice and guidance.

We aim to bring saving, productivity and value
through setting better controlled work flows
in Finance, Production, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain and Human Resources.

Quick Actions: Ready Audit Pack Solutions

There are cases you need to take quick decisions to move forward...
Because standing still, may be equal to "loosing your sources".
Focusing on the defined "critical work flows", with correct questions to correct people and obtain the report quickly
may save your time and resources...

Critical System Access Rights
Who have the critical access rights for accounting, production and other processes?

Who is performing the critical transations and who may reach the critical information?
Cash Movements Controls
The most tempting and easy circulating asset.

Do you have proper controls in place to secure your cash?
Company Risk Heat Map
We will help you in identifying your critical and vulnerable spots!

That will help you in defining a strategy and a road map in long run.
Outsourced Service Compliance Test
Is your outsourcing strategy working effectively?

Are your legal and contractual liabilities/benefits fully complied?

Our Experiences

We keep delivering consultancy for our clients in Production, Sales & Marketing and Service sectors.

The sector dimensions and business types are;
Textile, Automative Supplies, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Facility Management, Insurance, Away From Home - Restaurant Chains, Customes Brokerage, Marine & Land Transportation, Pharmaceutical Industry, Industrial Production and Sales.

Neta Library

Ağaoğlu My Office
Çiğdem Sokak No:1 D:18
34746 Ataşehir / Istanbul
Tel:    +90 (216) 250 5576
Faks: +90 (216) 250 5556
Tel:    +90 (216) 250 5576
Faks: +90 (216) 250 5556
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