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Neta Denetim
Internal Control | Compliance | Risk Management
Ağaoğlu My Office, 34746 Ataşehir Istanbul

We help our clients in implementing the globally accepted best practices in their operations, assuring them internal control as a managerial requirement, not a reduntant burden.
Deliver "customized" service
with experience and practice.
We aim to create efficiency, savings and added value for our clients, with our field experiences.

Our primary goal is to support our clients in establishing strong internal control mechanisms compatible with their operations and organizations, supporting "healthy" business.

For this purpose; We guide and deliver risk management services, helping our clients to operate in “confidence”.

Process Audit:
Safeguarding Company Resources
Do you have an effective and efficient work flow design in your operations?
Any overlooked control weaknesses?  More...
Risk Management:
Corporate, Long-Lasting Businesses
Uplifting corporate risk management practices and maintain practical control environment to help business reach its goals.... More...
Operation Analyse / Outsourcing:
Effective and Efficient Operations
Brainstorm sessions on newly practices, analyze alternative opportunities in Supply Chain, Finance, Accounting and Internal Audit operations... More...
New Form Of Internal Audit
onlineicdenetim.com page is designed for companies to implement “online”, “instant” and “self-assured” internal audits, check their internal control assurance levels.
Simple: decide on your work process to audit, answer the relevant internal audit questionnaire with your team. There you go… Your internal control score and audit report is ready, compatible with COSO, CobIT and SOX standards.
What Benefits to Businesses?
With “Online Internal Audit”, businesses can perform "online", "instant" and "self-assured" internal audits.

All these attributions bring; time and cost savings, no computer or server implementation hassle and online access to all features, practice of sustainable internal audit implementation and historical control level tracking
What Is Internal Control, Why Essential?
To avoid fraud risks, achieve efficiency and productivity in operations, to create a corporate culture, and boost achievable company targets… More...

What Does Risk Management Mean In Business?
Rapidly changing economic conditions change the content of risks at the same speed. The benefits of risk management... More...

Guide: From Manual Controls to System Based Controls!
If you beleive that "manual controls" in your business are out of date and it is time for technology compatible and systematic controls, you can look at our definitions brochure and contact us.
New Era For SME: Online Internal Audit
It is now easier and more affordable for SME's to access internal audit practices at international standards...  More...
5 False Facts About Internal Control!
No, internal control and internal audit are not the same! Manual controls are not cost-effective!  More...
Detective Columbo & Socrates
We need to question. We must analyze from all aspects... Habits; the biggest obstacle to success! More...
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