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Take action, govern the controls...
Take control, govern the controls...
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Take action,
govern the controls...
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Building the Internal Control Environment

The life span is 20 ~ 25 years long, for standard family owned companies.

However it is possible to stretch or shorten that period.

We may help you in stretching that time by;
  • Defining and designing your work flows with acceptable and sound internal control mechanisms
  • Analysing and defining your "Company Risk Heat Map".
  • Providing guidance on setting the "Segregation of Duty" standards over work flows.
  • Defining and drafting the essential policies and procedures for the organization.
  • Defining controls to ensure the "Sarbanes Oxley Act" competence, if needed.
  • Providing guidance on IT system access rights, ensuring the defined "Segregation of Duty" principals are in place.
  • Providing periodic controls to ensure the system is operating effectively.

We may deliver “outsourced” Internal Control service to your organization.
This would bring you both;
  • cost control over your spending,
  • better controlled operations management.
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Tel:    +90 (216) 250 5576
Faks: +90 (216) 250 5556
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