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Take action, govern the controls...
Take control, govern the controls...
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Take action,
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Your Business Partners: Suppliers _ Customers

We analyse the compliance level of your suppliers / customers in their operations in respect to laws and regulations and their contratcs, within a confidentiality agreement.

It is a fact that, all these controls are very critical for both parties, considering the mutual liabilities.

For that reason, the below detailed check points should be examined quarterly for your suppliers-customers (contract manufacturing, outsourced staff providers, advertisement agencies, customs and duty brokers, logistics service providers and others)
  • Do my suppliers protect my benefits, apply my purchasing policy requirements, while performing a procurement activity on my behalf / service?
  • Are my suppliers-customers in Compliance with the regulations while doing a business with the government, on my behalf?
  • Do my suppliers-customers fulfil the legal requirements timely, while performing for my services?
  • What about the supplier-customer invoices, back-up documentation and accuracy?
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Tel:    +90 (216) 250 5576
Faks: +90 (216) 250 5556
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