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Take action, govern the controls...
Take control, govern the controls...
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Take action,
govern the controls...
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Operational Analyses & Fraud Investigations

All operational work processes are designed to utilize the company resources in order to create operational profit.
However, perodic tests are essential on designed controls against undesirable scenarios and results.

These controls are also critical as a precaution against fraud schemes.
We may create specific check lists and perform independent reviews, to avoid such results in your organization;
  • Purchasing processes,
  • Production cycles,
  • Treasury operations,
  • Revenue - shipment, invoicing, collection,
  • Supply Chain & Logistics operations,
  • Further specific process reviews, per your requirements.

Let us make the deep-dive in fraud cases and perform the inquiry independently, secured with a confidentiality agreement, while caring your company reputation utmost.
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Tel:    +90 (216) 250 5576
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Tel:    +90 (216) 250 5576
Faks: +90 (216) 250 5556
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